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  • Copper Foiling & Leading
  • Blue Fairy

    34 x 15cm

    piece code: 0001ACCF

    This fairy was an early piece, and I have since made a few in a variety of colours.


  • Lizard


    piece code: 0008ACCF

    An early piece of mine, this was made by soldering copper foil between many different types of coloured glass.


  • Firescreen Goldfish


    piece code: 0010ACCF

    Handmade glass sheets were cut and leaded to form this aquatic mounted fire screen.


  • Queen of Scots

    31 x 45cm

    piece code: 0002ACCF

    This design is from a 1950's travel poster - The Age of Steam.


  • Buddha (Copper Foiled & Fused)


    piece code: 0003ACCF

    Combining painting on glass to make the fabric texture, and copper foiling the glass pieces together made this tattoo design come to life.


  • Poinsettias


    piece code: 0011ACCF

    These red flowers are cut from a few sheets of glass, and held together by soldering copper foil between the pieces.


  • Primary School Window Panel


    piece code: 0009ACCF

    A Church of England primary school displays this piece in their assembly hall. All children together in harmony!


  • "Swirls" Suncatcher

    21cm Diameter

    piece code: 0004ACCF

    This was created from an experimental design made when drawing with a compass.


  • Sun / Rainbow

    19cm Diameter

    piece code: 0005ACCF

    This brightly coloured rainbow in the sunshine is perfect to display anywhere light can pass through from behind.


  • Butterfly

    22 x 22cm

    piece code: 0006ACCF

    Copper foiling the translucent blue pieces into the wings lets light flow through, making this butterfly shine.


  • Foiled Landscape

    20 x 15cm

    piece code: 0007ACCF

    Coloured glass copper foiled and held together in a frame.


  • Rainbow Squares

    30 x 30cm

    piece code: 0001ACFB

    A combination of normal and dichroic glass were fused together to make this mathematical pattern.


  • Stepping Stones Dish

    24.5 x 24.5cm

    piece code: 0002ACFB

    Mosaic style pieces were used here to create movement around the dish.


  • Butterfly Bowl

    27.5cm Diameter

    piece code: 0003ACFB

    These four butterflies were decorated by using the reactive properties some coloured glass has when used together.


  • Cream Bobble Dish

    15 x 15cm

    piece code: 0004ACFB

    A pale sheet of glass was formed into a square dish shape, while circular cuts of different shades were fused to make this bobble effect.


  • Gerbera Dish

    30cm Diameter

    piece code: 0005ACFB

    This started as a simple idea for a wedding anniversary gift. Different shades create a two-layer effect.


  • Grass on Water

    29cm Diameter

    piece code: 0006ACFB

    A photograph by Landscape artist, Andy Goldsworthy, was the inspiration for this large dish.


  • Green Dropped Bowl

    19.5 x 19.5cm

    piece code: 0007ACFB

    This was possibly my first example of using a drop mould to create a dish.


  • Orange, Black Flower Dish

    18 x 18cm

    piece code: 0008ACFB

    A simple orange dish featuring flower petals fused with black glass.


  • Orange Dichroic Dish

    15 x 15cm

    piece code: 0009ACFB

    This brightly coloured dish was made by fusing orange glass with dichroic glass to create this shimmering effect.


  • Circles

    29 x 29cm

    piece code: 0010ACFB

    Another one inspired by colouring books, this features a lot of different shapes intersecting.


  • Waves

    27 x 27cm

    piece code: 0011ACFB

    The "waves" were created by slumping rods over a mould which were then fused to another sheet of glass. That was then slumped again over a mould to form the dish shape.


  • Dots and Dashes

    30 x 30cm

    piece code: 0012ACFB

    Offcuts and small pieces from other works are valuable when creating dishes that feature small details.


  • Tattoo Heart

    2.5 x 24.5cm

    piece code: 0013ACFB

    Tattoos can often be a good source of ideas for designs, just as this heart on a dish shows.


  • Red Bowl


    piece code: 0014ACFB

    Dropped over a mould into a rounded dish, this piece has a fiery look.


  • Blossoms Japanese Landscape

    23.5 x 40cm (plus stand)

    piece code: 0001ACFP

    Oriental paintings and a trip to Japan were the inspiration for adding frits and paint details to this streaky sheet of glass.


  • Blue Bird

    16.5 x 22cm

    piece code: 0002ACFP

    Paint on blue glass, the detailing really shows when light filters through from behind.


  • Chameleon


    piece code: 0017ACFP

    This piece was cut from a single sheet of glass in one go. Minimal decorations were then hand drawn onto the existing coloured glass.


  • Curved Street Scene


    piece code: 0016ACFP

    Inspired by a Christmas card design, this is a panoramic street view with a Middle Eastern feel.


  • Fused Circle

    35cm Diameter

    piece code: 0003ACFP

    This was made possible by gathering a lot of scraps left over from other pieces, and carefully fused in a circular arrangement.


  • Dinosaurs


    piece code: 0018ACFP

    A little bit of fun, this was created for my Grandson, then aged 3 years old.


  • "Nellie" Elephant

    19.5 x 26cm

    piece code: 0003ACFP

    Inspired by an image in a colouring book, the piece features dichroic glass and hand painted decorations as in Indian culture.


  • Woodland

    33.5 x 43.5cm

    piece code: 0004ACFP

    An impressionist style Autumn woodland visualised through fusing Vidriate glass.


  • Fishing Village

    44.5 x 44.5cm

    piece code: 0005ACFP

    A greetings card inspired this fishing village view in Yorkshire.


  • Flamingo

    24.5 x 30.5cm

    piece code: 0006ACFP

    The sight of American Flamingos during a trip to the Dominican Republic brought this design to life.


  • Kingfisher


    piece code: 0021ACFP

    Green and blue tones with a splash of orange all fused together form this elusive bird.


  • Japanese Landscape & Stand


    piece code: 0019ACFP

    A coloured sheet of glass that has been hand painted to create a Japanese scene. The stand is also cut from glass designed just for this piece.


  • Owls Hanging Plaque

    30 x 30cm

    piece code: 0007ACFP

    From more colouring book ideas, glass frits and paint on glass created these two fun, zany birds.


  • Seahorse


    piece code: 0022ACFP

    Cut from a single sheet of glass using a saw and added to some dichroic cuts, finished with paint detail.


  • Koi


    piece code: 0023ACFP

    This underwater scene was formed using greens and blues, and finished with small orange and brown frits.


  • Shrines

    19 x 32cm

    piece code: 0008ACFP

    A shrine high in the mountains painted onto this blue toned glass sheet.


  • Ammonites

    30 x 30cm

    piece code: 0009ACFP

    These fossils were built up by using grains of glass and many small pieces of glass rod.


  • Hexagon Dish

    27.5 x 23.5cm

    piece code: 0010ACFP

    A pattern simply drawn directly onto this hexagon shaped piece of blue glass using paint.


  • Turtle (Framed)

    33.5 x 33.5cm

    piece code: 0011ACFP

    This turtle piece was inspired by photographs taken during a trip to the Caribbean.


  • Waterfall Cherry Blossom

    10.5 x 40cm

    piece code: 0012ACFP

    Another Asian inspiration, cherry blossoms are hand painted across this waterfall scene.


  • Tibetan Monastery


    piece code: 0020ACFP

    Paint detailing and a purpose cut stand change this sheet of glass into an Asian scene.


  • Seascape

    43 x 32.5cm

    piece code: 0013ACFP

    Fused glass pieces, powder and fine rods create this stormy sea.


  • White Moroccan Dish

    29.5 x 29.5cm

    piece code: 0014ACFP

    The mathematical repeating patterns found in the culture were inspired by a visit to Marrakesh.


  • Falling Leaves

    43 x 32.5cm

    piece code: 0015ACFP

    Using real leaves as templates and a glass saw to cut the leaves accurately, this piece shows the change in Autumn colours.


  • Wood Sandpiper


    piece code: 0024ACFP

    This small wading bird stands out against the background with a textured body and hand painted detailing.